One September, in 2013, I decided to set myself a challenge.

I was very impressed with The Magnetic Fields’ 69 Love Songs and the response by Gal Musette to create 70 love songs. I thought I could at least make some effort. I set myself a challenge to write, record and release my own collection of love songs, in one month. Not only was there a time restriction, but there was also another little caveat. All the songs were to have been composed and inspired by playing and riffing on the ukulele.Well, it took two months, but here is the completed work. I hope you like it in some way.

A lo-fi, electro-folk, collection called You Can Love Me

Released 01 November 2013
Written, recorded and produced by Darren
Cover image by Suzi Blu.

And if you do like it, then please feel free to buy it…