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Mixing in the sun… almost

mixing on the laptop with the sun reflection

a little mixing in the sun… well almost

What’s going on at the Temple?

There are some exciting things on the horizon that I will let you know about when I can, we’re talking days rather than weeks so not long to wait. In the meantime I thought I’d share a couple of things. I went on my travels for a few days recently and saw this sign.

I decided to be the creator of ambient sounds

In order to enter, I decided to explain that I wasn’t a singer, but the creator of ambient sounds… but then that sounded like a doubtful reputation to me. To back up that claim, I present the following screenshot. Note the instruments used, Tibetan singing bowls, a zither and a hang drum. You can’t get much more ethnic and ambient than that.

a new piece of ambient music in the pipeline

To finish this little post, here’s an excerpt of a work in progress. It’s been ‘in progress’ for quite a while, but then I have a lot of those. Time to knuckle down and finish a few things. Until next time, and I hope you enjoy this soundbite.

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