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I journal and plan and write pretty much every day. But there is also a sacred, special journal moment. Every month I journal on and around a word, a theme. I take time out to explore, to lose, to find myself, in one topic. I ask myself questions. I seek answers. I drift above the page, I meander across each pen stroke, and i am transported.

The word, my focus, becomes a tone, a sound. A melody flickers in and out of existence. Harmonies rise and fall. Rhythms saunter and shuffle.

This is the music I present to you. This is ‘music to journal by’. Tone poems to transport you to the page before you. Music to inspire your creative journal and planning process. Music that you can meditate to, make art by or simply to lose yourself in.

All my $1+ Patreon supporters receive this music and a PDF of my journal musings and prompts each month,

This is multimedia journaling

Please support me as I create ‘music to journal by’



A little sample of November’s Patreon


arriving in November… just an excerpt…

Angel tears - excerpt     

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