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A midsummer wander is revealing amazing things…


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On the music easel this week…

I seem to have organised myself to such an extent that I actually know what music I am working on before the week begins. You’ll be pleased to know that this little update is written after I have begun, so it’s not just planned music either.

This week’s song to finish is Mermaid. It’s another song that has been around for a little while so it’s time to get a finished version. I’m also working on some short tunes for a project soon to be announced.

Alongside all this I am pulling together a punk track and thinking about what ambient punk might sound like. I think I am pushing myself with some of these musical challenges. If you’d like to support the music making then take a look at my Patreon page. Now back to the music for me.

Spring is almost here so it’s time to Freeze

Light from a dark star is finished apart from any final mastering and so it’s time to move on to the next song. Another one that has been hanging around for a little while and needs to be finished.

This one is called Freeze and it has a little bouncy lead synth line on the chorus. That’s the reason I was playing with the little beauty pictured above. It’s Arturia’s soft synth interpretation of the classic minimoog for the iPad and goes by the name of the iMini. Nice.

Now back to finding the right sound.

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