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Lay Low the Barley


A time of first fruits, of the first harvest. The first loaf, Lammas. A time of bounty after sacrifices of time, effort and life. We could forage, live on what we find, but it would not sustain us, certainly not all of us… the sick, the needy, the old, the young, those unable to forage and fend for themselves. We don’t leave any of our own.

We plough, we sow, we labour. Often this harvest and this labour are reduced to a cash transaction. But we can celebrate, we can give thanks.


She cleared the plains so that we could plant, readied the land for agriculture, but the effort led to exhaustion and death. Like the previous year’s dead vegetation she sacrificed her life to the land. She fed the soil.


He seizes the crops for humanity. He protects them from blight by defeating the very physical representation of that plant destroyer. A battle personified. A victory won. A celebration required.

Lay Low the Barley was inspired by the myth and legend surrounding the harvest. It was born from the metaphor of Tailtiu’s sacrifice and Lugh’s victorious battle.
Lay low the barley - songbook

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Lughnasadh thoughts







Are you a pilgrim?

there is a creative path to travel. be a pilgrim and walk with me

Pilgrims hear my journey as a mp3. I write songs. This is how I deal with my pilgrimage, I journal in word and sound. Pilgrims, hear, download and keep my musical musings.

For $3 you become a pilgrim and join the musical journey with This Temple Eden. You get a version of the current song I am working on. This is unique to my Patreon supporters. It may be similar to what finally gets released but it won’t be exact. PLUS an ambient mp3 and a soundtrack mp3, to inspire and support your own creative pilgrimage.

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Are you an alchemist?

realisation shows there is more to life than existing.
alchemists are beginning to create.

alchemists find a royalty-free mp3 every month to use. It could be a theme, a soundtrack or a jingle. You make art and you want to share it, so here is the soundtrack for when you share. just like this…

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are you be a seeker


are you a seeker?

the first step to realisation is to look. seekers are taking that first step.

[beginnings – this is a reduced file size version of a previous seeker gift]

seekers find an ambient piece of mp3 music every month. it is inspired by journaling, by creative wandering, by listening to the soul and spirit. it is to inspire you on that same path, to seek, to create, to listen.

ambient music to journal by, to meditate with or to lose yourself in, as you create.

you can be a seeker with This Temple Eden, just a $1 offering, and you’ll receive an ambient/instrumental piece of new music, to download and keep forever each month.

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when the time is right… turnover

New ambient track and journal PDF available from Patreon. This Temple Eden are creating music to journal by and for just $1 each month, you will get a new piece of music and PDF.

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music to journal by

I journal and plan and write pretty much every day. But there is also a sacred, special journal moment. Every month I journal on and around a word, a theme. I take time out to explore, to lose, to find myself, in one topic. I ask myself questions. I seek answers. I drift above the page, I meander across each pen stroke, and i am transported.

The word, my focus, becomes a tone, a sound. A melody flickers in and out of existence. Harmonies rise and fall. Rhythms saunter and shuffle.

This is the music I present to you. This is ‘music to journal by’. Tone poems to transport you to the page before you. Music to inspire your creative journal and planning process. Music that you can meditate to, make art by or simply to lose yourself in.

All my $1+ Patreon supporters receive this music and a PDF of my journal musings and prompts each month,

This is multimedia journaling

Please support me as I create ‘music to journal by’



Angelic, a new instrumental on its way


A new instrumental is on its way…

Each month you can get a track to download and keep by supporting This Temple Eden on Patreon for as little as $1. Any support is really appreciated.

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Birthday winners

bandcamp advertThank you to all those who took part in my birthday giveaway.

I have drawn two winners and they are Miranda and Frank. I’ll be sending them DMs with the codes to download their prizes.

For those who didn’t win, I’ll be doing some more giveaways in the near future. In the meantime, you can always support the music on my Patreon, for as little as $1 a month you’ll get music to download and keep. Every little bit of support helps and keeps me in tea. Alternatively, you can head over to our Bandcamp shop and buy any of the music that is there.

Have a wonderful day and once again thank you for the likes, shares and general love


I ain’t no royalist, but God save the Queen


When you get a topic entitled God save the Queen you know you’re in for a challenge. I’m not one for the archaic monarchy system. Hereditary rights have no place in my ideal egalitarian world (I can dream can’t I?). However, when this topic is given I have to put those thoughts aside and seek inspiration.

The national anthem of the UK (as long as it lasts) is the source of inspiration for the next piece of ambient music I am working on. Step one was to find the core elements of that well-known piece of music and see how they could be used.

First was the time signature. It would be 3/4. I immediately felt called to the rhythm of the first line. A rhythm that repeats itself throughout the piece. So that would be my recurring theme.

Then there was the series of four notes that come before the ‘send her victorious’ line. This is the one the football fans enjoy. I wanted to capture that rhythm.

Finally, there was the beginning. The drumroll and cymbal crash.

Those three elements will form the base of my own piece of music. Time to get on and finish it then.

A midsummer wander is revealing amazing things…


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