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On the music easel this week…

I seem to have organised myself to such an extent that I actually know what music I am working on before the week begins. You’ll be pleased to know that this little update is written after I have begun, so it’s not just planned music either.

This week’s song to finish is Mermaid. It’s another song that has been around for a little while so it’s time to get a finished version. I’m also working on some short tunes for a project soon to be announced.

Alongside all this I am pulling together a punk track and thinking about what ambient punk might sound like. I think I am pushing myself with some of these musical challenges. If you’d like to support the music making then take a look at my Patreon page. Now back to the music for me.

Mermaid – a siren song in progress

Songwriting is an emotional act. It drains me. It is also a deeply fulfilling art. I empty myself, to be filled. I dissect my emotions, pour out my memories and shape them into metaphors. Some songs revive past and present pains, while others remind me of happier moments.

At the same time I begin to intertwine those emotions with a musical motif. The words dance with a soundtrack, caressing the notes as they pass by. Sound is sculpted by feeling and phrase.

I’m currently working on a new collection of songs to be released in the near future. I spent some time today arranging one of the tracks, currently called Mermaid. Most of my day was spent looking at a screen similar to this.


I don’t normally spend time in the score window of Logic, it isn’t the most intuitive aspect of the program. However, today I made its acquaintance and we got on quite well. The song is also taking shape. I hope to have a demo version available in the very near future. Along with several other tracks that will eventually make up the next release.


This is currently the chorus, so you can learn the words and sing along later.

mermaid, siren to my soul
mermaid, no breath I become whole

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