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A free gift to end 2016… it was a dark year

2016 is drawing to an end. From so many angles it has been a dark year. But there is light. I have faith and hope that light will overcome the dark. Here’s a free track that says exactly that. Enjoy and may 2017 bring light to your life. Lyrics below and the link to download is here.

Light From a Dark Star


a memory jarred
a past misdirection enlightened
a word, a meaning confused, but just some more
desire to stop
yet entropy is in charge here
a pathway so dark to a ravine of confident lies


I’ve seen light from a dark star
I’ve felt hope from a bitter scar
a tightening grip
a soulmate that understands my need
a silent partner devouring what little remains
I think I’ll stay
wait here for the right time to depart
my cell with a lock on the inside but I spilt the key

Mixing and matching the levels

‘Light from a dark star’ is nearing the sharing stage. A first mix is done and it is sounding quite good, even if I do say so myself.

It is strange to feel confident about a piece at this stage. Normally I hate everything and worry about how to make it sound better, or whether I should just throw it in the trash. I suppose a lot is down to me understanding the mix process a lot more. I have done a lot in the past couple of years so it seems I am learning.

It’s a song that has taken a while to get to this stage so being happy with it is a big plus. And when I get to share it I hope you’ll like it too. Now back to the mix.

Seeing the light from a Dark Star

Found a nice sound on Mikro Prism by Native Instruments. It was exactly what I was looking for to use as a lead line for ‘Light from a dark star’. The track had been sitting in limbo until I could come up with something for a break after the second chorus.

With the sound found it was out with the keyboard and time for a little inspired creativity. And… the break was filled.

There are a few little tweaks and ideas I still need to do and then time to mix. Hopefully you’ll hear it soon.

If the words don’t work, replace them

Light from a dark star has been a work in progress for quite some time. I mentioned before that I was working on it and it needed some new lyrics. Above are the pages from the song journal I use, with both the original lyrics and the new ones.

In the end it needed a little more than just new words. The entire melody of the lyrics is new, and what the song is about too.

Next to do is record the vocals and get a mix done. I am aiming to complete and finish at least one song per week. Last week’s is complete and I hope to share that soon. If you want to hear it now it’s already up on Patreon, supporters get advance previews as well as music to keep each month.

No light without the dark

I am working away on a couple of musical pieces at the moment and they couldn’t be any more different.

The first is for Patreon. It’s a gentle little tune with the working title of Lullaby Love Song, and it is exactly that. An ambient melody that meanders away, wooing you to sleep and encouraging deep dreams of happy ever after. Perhaps I need to lay off the fairy tales, but that’s where I got the inspiration for this piece.

The other is a track I have been working on for ages. It’s called Light from a dark star and is a straight rock / pop ditty. I’m not convinced with the lyrics. I will revisit those in due course. However, I had one of those light bulb moments and moved the tune around a little. It’s just a simple change in the arrangement but it has renewed my interest in it, which was exactly what was needed.

In other news, I am, as always, debating with myself whether or not I will attempt FAWM. It is a nice challenge but not sure if I want the added pressure. (Actually, I am pretty sure I will start the challenge, but if it gets too much I’ll stop.) And now, back to the recording.

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