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Happy guitar jam


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Spending time with my baby…

… and now my fingers ache.

Morning worlds

Most days on twitter and Facebook I share a little personal proverb, or thought, that always starts ‘morning worlds’. Back in February when I was attaempting to complete the FAWM challenege I wrote a song called, and here’s the tenuous link, Morning worlds.

It began as a laid back instrumental piece and ended up one of the 11 pieces I wrote during the month. Today I have been mixing an intrumental version and enjoying the simplicity of the music. So often I find myself filling the spaces, but recently I have found that the adage less is more, is very true.

I’ll be sharing the music on Bandcamp soon, or if you want to be a patron of the arts and support the music on a regular, but stop at any time, basis, then pop along to my Patreon. Here you’ll get access to music each month for as little as $1.

Back to the mix now… first tea though, yes tea.

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