I have always journaled, kept diaries and jotted on bits of paper. This year, I am part of a group of journal writers, is there a collective noun for that? We’re journaling and writing around a weekly prompt, or thought. It isn’t restrictive in what we write or draw or collage or whatever medium we want to work in. The main concept is that everything we think about around the prompt, and in our lives, is journaled and noted. This is full immersion journaling. It is fun and I’m enjoying it so far.

The first week was looking at being happy. What makes us happy and what does happiness mean to us. Being someone who over thinks most things, I wandered off into my past and tried to psycho analyse myself. That’s never a great idea, especially when my pop-psychology is about as grounded as a party political broadcast. However, it did make me think about two extremes where I find happiness.

The first, is to do with religion and the expectation that true happiness is found in heaven and a way off. The second, and opposite to that, and perhaps a counter to it, is happiness found in instant gratification. During my time on this little green planet I have succumbed to both these extremes. Although I am a little more balanced these days… I did say a little.

But why am I sharing this here? Well, my thinking led to a song. And, as this is my songwriting journal, it appears here. I have a simple recording of it and when it has received a little mixing, I’ll share it. In the meantime, we’re on to week two in the journal group… I’m wondering if a new song from the prompts will be a regular event.

happiness journal