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To FAWM or not to FAWM

mic and guitar… that is the question.

But it is nobler of my soul to be exactly who and what I am. Therefore, I will FAWM.

I songwrite, therefore I am.

February Album Writing Month begins

It’s February, which means the annual songwriting-a-thon, FAWM. One month, February, in which music types attempt to write 14 songs before the month ends. However, as this is a leap year it is 14.5 songs. How I’ll measure half a song I’m not sure, but if I get that far I probably won’t care.

I managed to come up with the first song today, so off to a good start. FAWM isn’t my primary focus for the month, far from it. I have several projects bubbling away. If you want to be the first to know what is going on, and also get music to keep and download you can become a supporter on my Patreon page. It costs a tiny, tiny amount and will leave you with a nice warm glow.

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Now back to writing the next 13.5 songs…

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