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80% off my Bandcamp music

All my music collections, albums and EPs are available on Bandcamp. This includes my ambient music, my lofi collection of ukulele love songs and new recordings of songs the band used to play way back in the late 80s.

Each of these can be bought separately. However, they can also be bought together. If you buy them together you get a discount of 80% off the individual selling price. Yes, 80%!

buy this temple eden’s current catalogue
80% off

That’s 31 individual tracks, about 3 hours of music, for the same price as a coffee or two. And they are available in uncompressed format, as well as mp3.

  • Ambient music to inspire, aid meditation or drift away too
  • Love songs to bring a tear or smile
  • nostalgic sounds of a bygone decade

I’m not expecting you to buy without listening. Go over to the site and you can hear the music. All the music should be available to stream.

get all my music for the price of a coffee or two

Please share this with anyone you think might be interested. It is a limited time offer. There are several new collections in the pipeline and they won’t be part of this offer. So have a listen and support the music making in any way you can.

And get ready, much more is on the way soon.









Birthday winners

bandcamp advertThank you to all those who took part in my birthday giveaway.

I have drawn two winners and they are Miranda and Frank. I’ll be sending them DMs with the codes to download their prizes.

For those who didn’t win, I’ll be doing some more giveaways in the near future. In the meantime, you can always support the music on my Patreon, for as little as $1 a month you’ll get music to download and keep. Every little bit of support helps and keeps me in tea. Alternatively, you can head over to our Bandcamp shop and buy any of the music that is there.

Have a wonderful day and once again thank you for the likes, shares and general love


Transformation and freedom a new release

transformation and freedom cover

Transformation and freedom available from Bandcamp

There are ‘tears‘. However hard we try to avoid certain situations and events, our lives still contain elements of sadness. It might be a past hurt, an unresolved situation or the approach of each new day. We cry either within or without. This is natural. This is life.

As sadness encroaches, we can find ourselves overwhelmed. We seek ‘comfort‘. This Might be found from external sources, friends, family or others. It might be internal, from within, an inner peace found through spiritual growth.

Ritual might play a part. Personal victories, totems, cairns, altars, memorials. Prayer or manifesto may become our ‘mantra‘. We seek to be happy, to move from the sadness.

We change. We enter a moment of metamorphosis, a ‘chrysalis‘. From a previous state into the next. From sadness to joy, from fear to hope, from weakness to strength.

We are ‘empowered‘. We are not bound and held by our sadness or other negative emotions. We can overcome. We are not bound by fate but are fellow travellers. No emotion or substance or element or person has a right to control us. We are in control. We have emerged.

We spread our wings. We rise upon the thermals. We reach heights never before dreamed, or even imagined. We ‘soar‘. A new creation, a new being. Changed from what we were into what we can become.

Our dreams can become our destiny. True ‘transformation‘ leads to ‘freedom‘.

transformation and freedom back cover

Buy from This Temple Eden on Bandcamp

Pilgrimage and possibilities a new release

pilgrimage and possibilities cover

Pilgrimage and possibilities available from Bandcamp

We are all on a journey. A personal path, a route that only we take. If we walk on our own or with a crowd, it is still our personal journey. We may walk the path with friends, family, loved ones or enemies. It is a journey of purpose and direction, a ‘pilgrimage’ of possibilities.

The weather is changeable, be it reality or metaphor. It depends on where we are, the terrain, the companions, the events. There might be storms, there might be long or short periods of calm and peace, with gentle breezes blowing. We need both sunshine and rain to grow. There is nothing more refreshing than the rain ‘shower’. The water washes us and our path, clearing the dust off our feet and watering the ground we tread.

After sunset, our journey is lit by the lights in the ‘starry’ sky. Moonlight and starlight shine from the heavens, illuminating our path. The stars accompany us as we walk, as we travel. During the day and the night, we can see our way forward.

We might wander into magical lands. Fertile imaginations will conjure potential from anything we encounter. We should remain open to possibilities of new and strange ideas. We might encounter magical ‘mythical’ beings. As we grow in wisdom we will know what creatures to befriend and what ones to beware.

All journeys come to an end or ends. We may stop and start again. An ongoing cycle of roads and paths to cover. But when we stop and rest, we will be in a ‘room’ of our own. Wherever we find ourselves, even if we are outside and on our own we can create our own home.

Rest is vital as we travel. Every day will bring new paths, new challenges, new decisions. We must renew our mind, body and soul, renew them each day and night. As you lay down to rest sing your own ‘lullaby’ and slip into the realm of creative, restful dreams.

Our ‘pilgrimage‘ leads to ‘possibilities‘, take the journey and reap the reward.

pilgrimage and possibilities back cover

Buy from This Temple Eden on Bandcamp

Room of my own now available

A Room of my own is now available to everyone, to listen to and download. Listen to it via the video link above.

It is available to buy on either:

As always if you want to hear the music earlier, and get tracks like the above earlier, please consider supporting This Temple Eden on Patreon.

Into The Light a new ambient collection of sound

Into the light

Into The Light is a collection of ambient music. It was written for the art class of the same name by Suzi Blu. It is ideal for meditation or as an inspirational soundtrack as you create quiet art. The music was inspired by the theme of ‘Light’ and explores this through the four titles, ethereal, celestial, spiritual and elysian.  The tracks range in length from just over 10 minutes to almost 20.

I hope the music brings you Into the Light.

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