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New ambient track and journal PDF available from Patreon. This Temple Eden are creating music to journal by and for just $1 each month, you will get a new piece of music and PDF.

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I am doing well on FAWM

my FAWM tracker

The songs are coming along nicely. Here’s a pic of the tracker I am using. A tweak of some lyrics and then I should have some demos to share. I am really having a lot of fun with these songs, especially my homage to Blue Monday vs The Walk.

I am just about on track for completing 14 in 28 days. I managed to record some vocals, and once I have finished the lyrics to the others I’ll get them done.

music to journal by

I journal and plan and write pretty much every day. But there is also a sacred, special journal moment. Every month I journal on and around a word, a theme. I take time out to explore, to lose, to find myself, in one topic. I ask myself questions. I seek answers. I drift above the page, I meander across each pen stroke, and i am transported.

The word, my focus, becomes a tone, a sound. A melody flickers in and out of existence. Harmonies rise and fall. Rhythms saunter and shuffle.

This is the music I present to you. This is ‘music to journal by’. Tone poems to transport you to the page before you. Music to inspire your creative journal and planning process. Music that you can meditate to, make art by or simply to lose yourself in.

All my $1+ Patreon supporters receive this music and a PDF of my journal musings and prompts each month,

This is multimedia journaling

Please support me as I create ‘music to journal by’


Hey, how is FAWM going?

narrative assembly

Hey, how is FAWM going?

I’m glad you asked. Usually, at about this time, I am falling behind and already considering quitting. However, so far things are going really well.

I began with a concept in my head. I wanted to pay homage to my late 70s early 80s musical soundtrack. In particular the music on Fiction and Factory records. That’s basically The Cure, Joy Division, New Order, Cabaret Voltaire, Section 25 and a few others. I came up with a name for the concept ‘Narrative Assembly’ can you see what I did there? And, well, it has been going very well.

I am ahead of schedule and I’ll soon be sharing the music. I must admit, I seem to be having far too much fun for a challenge, reimagining the sound that Martin Hannett and others crafted way back when. So much fun in fact, that I’m off to play some more…

and if you are doing FAWM and want to play along or follow, I am here.

To FAWM or not to FAWM

mic and guitar… that is the question.

But it is nobler of my soul to be exactly who and what I am. Therefore, I will FAWM.

I songwrite, therefore I am.

Royalty free music – The Chase

More royalty free music available at ionopolis. I got a little carried away making this and really enjoyed it. I might develop the tune a little further. In the meantime, you can use it royalty free in your creative media projects.

A free gift to end 2016… it was a dark year

2016 is drawing to an end. From so many angles it has been a dark year. But there is light. I have faith and hope that light will overcome the dark. Here’s a free track that says exactly that. Enjoy and may 2017 bring light to your life. Lyrics below and the link to download is here.

Light From a Dark Star


a memory jarred
a past misdirection enlightened
a word, a meaning confused, but just some more
desire to stop
yet entropy is in charge here
a pathway so dark to a ravine of confident lies


I’ve seen light from a dark star
I’ve felt hope from a bitter scar
a tightening grip
a soulmate that understands my need
a silent partner devouring what little remains
I think I’ll stay
wait here for the right time to depart
my cell with a lock on the inside but I spilt the key

Not just words…

A Free gift this Samhain, all hallows’ eve

thin death mp3 cover

Free spooky music for you this Samhain / all hallows’ eve / Halloween. Download and keep. A gift for you all. Please share and let everyone in on it…

Download from dropbox

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