Your videos take love, time and effort to create. So treat them to a little sonic love. Let them sound as good as they look. Get your own unique soundtrack created just for you; only for you

  • theme song / tune
  • background music
  • jingles
  • incidental music
  • any music or sound that you require

I have been making music for many, many years. I love to make music and I want to make music for you.

Sweeping classical to pounding punk, monstrous metal to storybook folk, I can create any style of music specifically adapted to your own style and video. Music just for you! Whatever musical style suits your videos and your personality I can create it for you.

Stand out from stock music sounds with unique music created just for you. You and your videos look unique, let them sound that way too! Play the video to hear a brief selection of styles and tunes…

Every piece of music is different in complexity and length and therefore cost. Recent pieces have cost between $200 – $1000.  Fill in and send the form below  with as much information as you can and with any questions you may have. Let’s begin a discussion to make your videos sound as good as they look.