A time of first fruits, of the first harvest. The first loaf, Lammas. A time of bounty after sacrifices of time, effort and life. We could forage, live on what we find, but it would not sustain us, certainly not all of us… the sick, the needy, the old, the young, those unable to forage and fend for themselves. We don’t leave any of our own.

We plough, we sow, we labour. Often this harvest and this labour are reduced to a cash transaction. But we can celebrate, we can give thanks.


She cleared the plains so that we could plant, readied the land for agriculture, but the effort led to exhaustion and death. Like the previous year’s dead vegetation she sacrificed her life to the land. She fed the soil.


He seizes the crops for humanity. He protects them from blight by defeating the very physical representation of that plant destroyer. A battle personified. A victory won. A celebration required.

Lay Low the Barley was inspired by the myth and legend surrounding the harvest. It was born from the metaphor of Tailtiu’s sacrifice and Lugh’s victorious battle.
Lay low the barley - songbook

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