candleagainIt was a sad day at the Temple recently. We heard that Graham Barnes had passed away. Graham was a part time member of This Temple Eden way back when we went by the name of The Presence. He played on the first demo we ever made.

Graham was part of a lovely group of people at Unit One, the youth group / rehearsal rooms / live venue, where we first started to play. If it wasn’t for that group, then I am sure I wouldn’t still be creating today.

In memory, and to say thank you, here’s Graham playing bass on that first demo. His finest moment, with regard to This Temple Eden, comes at about 1:40.

I apologise for the singing and the angst ridden pretentious lyrics, I was young and thought I needed the money. This recording is taken from an old cassette tape. I have tried to clean it up, but the original had been compressed so much I am surprised it hadn’t turned to diamond.

Thank you Graham, may you rest in peace.

For more details on the history of This Temple Eden you can read a potted and probably inaccurate history here.