Music, my art, is a spiritual experience. When music is created I move beyond breathing, eating, existing; music takes me beyond the mundane. It touches the periphery that is just out of sight (sound); it is the saturation to the shadow. Music touches my core, my heart, not merely the ears and auditory centres.

Like a film score my art augments my reality. I create art, because it is who I am,  or who I become. My art is integral to me, it is my soul, it must be expressed.


There are many composers and songwriters who have and continue to inspire me, but let me begin with some generalisations.

Film music, enhances the visual medium it flows alongside. Musicals and opera, inspiration isn’t found so much from the content of these but the concept of an audio-visual story. Tone poems (symphonic poems), from the romantic period of classical music, which was a my favourite during my school years. These pieces of music illustrate a scene or event. In simple terms the union of music and another medium; musical poetry without the words.

Individuals and bands who I admire, listen to and therefore have a passing influence are, in no particular order: Moby, Bowie, The Mountain Goats, The Magnetic Fields, Nick Cave, Numan, John Foxx and Thomas Dolby, The Divine Comedy.

However, the ultimate inspiration comes from the mighty Tim Smith of Cardiacs. I had stopped writing and pretty much listening to music when I was played a track by Cardiacs. From that moment the music came alive to me once again. I began to listen and then I began to write. For me, Tim brought the music back to life.

How do I create?

There are many stories in my mind, many emotions, thoughts, memories, hopes, dreams, fears, desires, images, places… As I strum, pluck, press, tap, bang, catch a whisper or refrain… sometimes there is a spark, a spiritual connection between sound and thought. At that moment I begin to explore, to journey and create my art.

As for the origins of This Temple Eden, I’d advise starting here – a brief history

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  1. Well Hello, after all these years…. Great to read you are still being creative, musical and the name lives on… Alas albeit that we find each other at this sad time with the end of Mr Barnes, he and I used to meet for a beer in Uxbridge from time to time, and often would reminisce on the golden days at Unit 1/Space

    There are many whom I think benefited from what the “youth service” offered at that point in time, and so few creative / music based youth projects about these days (nice to see Mark S running one), which is a shame, ironically I note that the head of the “youth service” in Hillingdon was also a Unit 1 boy back in the day….

    For my part I was keen to keep things running as a musical youth centre twice a week, following the political / philosophical problems that ended the tenure of the talented people before I took over as “leader”… Not withstanding one could strap on your guitar and let that do the talking…

    These days, while I play a little, I spend more time using creative energy in other ways, writing computer code and doing some photography, but nice to see, hear what you are up to, I am sure Graham would have felt some pride in what you are doing and to have been part of “your early” years….



    PS Nice to hear that tune again, and GB’s bass solo…

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