This Temple Eden.

The Past.

The music began almost thirty years ago. It was played by the five, enjoyed by the many. The only disappointment was that it faded too soon.

Ancient history
A brief history of This Temple Eden by Darren

It was, I believe, around 1983 that a young man, me to be precise, and his friend Grady walked into Unit One. They had heard about the Uxbridge youth club, come band rehearsal rooms, from a school friend. They joined, found some amps and began to jam. Grady played bass and I played guitar and sang the songs that I had been writing for several years.

Within weeks they had made friends and one in particular. Nigel was, and still is, an enigma. He was also a drummer. A simple three-piece had been created and a simple set of songs was soon generated and rehearsed.

Despite some derision from one for two punk friends during rehearsals, The Presence, played their first gig at Unit One on a Friday evening. The band enjoyed it, the audience participated and the punks were pleasantly surprised.

Over the next few months Grady slipped away from the band. But with a couple of added musicians a first demo was recorded at Space Studios Twickenham.

The Presence Demo 1984

  • Instinct
  • Suicide
  • Visions

Darren, Nigel, Gary, Graham, Rachelle, Bruce

Recorded and mixed at Space studios by Bruce

A couple of very talented musicians joined in the next few months, Phil on bass and Gary on guitar. A second demo was recorded at Space, with the help of Mark on guitar. A fire extinguisher also played a prominent part in the percussion of My World To Bear.

The Presence Demo 1985

  • Black Heart
  • My world to bear
  • Dancing on thin ice

Darren, Nigel, Phil, Gary, Mark

As rehearsals continued the final pice of the puzzle was added with the addition of keyboard player Ian, the line-up was complete.

At some point, the band changed their name from The Presence to This Temple Eden, after one of their songs. Band management was taken on by Rob, and everything looked good.

Several gigs and recording sessions was the sum of the existence of This Temple Eden, culminating in a successful show at The Hippodrome, London. You can read a lot more about that event in Nigel’s book The 50 List: – A Father’s Heartfelt Message to his Daughter.

It would be easy to say musical differences led to the demise of This Temple Eden, but that would be too simplistic. When things gelled the five piece from West London produced some great fusion music, each member bringing their own talents to the pool.

If I had to sum things up it would be that the band split due to musical indifference. Other had got in the way before the central core of being a band had managed to take hold. Everyone wanted to do their own thing, but at times this was unclear what their own thing was. Business decisions, relationships and the simple nature of five young men led to this incarnation of This Temple Eden calling it a day.

The part of the journey, while it lasted, was fun. But the journey, still goes on


On behalf of (left to right), Phil. Ian, Gary, Nigel and Darren

Details of the gigs I remember are as follows:

5 Sept 1985
Clarendon Hotel, Hammersmith
Supporting The Clinch

20th March 1985
Hounslow College Student Union

23rd November 1985
Charville Community Centre

24th May 1986
Byron Pub Northolt

Wednesday 15th October 1986
Brunel University

20th November 1986
London Hippodrome

I am sure there was an additional gig at Brunel. As far I recall we played twice at Brunel, once as a support and once headlining, I could be wrong though.

The 1985 demo may have had more songs on it, but until I can find my tape I can’t remember.

I also recorded a solo demo. This was after the second Presence demo, but before we formally became This Temple Eden and took things a little more seriously. This contained Your My Dream and Pretty Boy, two songs that as a band This Temple Eden performed.