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A present from Shure


I posted on Instagram that I had an old Shure SM58 microphone… so they sent me a brand new one as part of their 50- year anniversary celebrations. I wonder if I have an old Neumann U87 hanging about…


I ain’t no royalist, but God save the Queen


When you get a topic entitled God save the Queen you know you’re in for a challenge. I’m not one for the archaic monarchy system. Hereditary rights have no place in my ideal egalitarian world (I can dream can’t I?). However, when this topic is given I have to put those thoughts aside and seek inspiration.

The national anthem of the UK (as long as it lasts) is the source of inspiration for the next piece of ambient music I am working on. Step one was to find the core elements of that well-known piece of music and see how they could be used.

First was the time signature. It would be 3/4. I immediately felt called to the rhythm of the first line. A rhythm that repeats itself throughout the piece. So that would be my recurring theme.

Then there was the series of four notes that come before the ‘send her victorious’ line. This is the one the football fans enjoy. I wanted to capture that rhythm.

Finally, there was the beginning. The drumroll and cymbal crash.

Those three elements will form the base of my own piece of music. Time to get on and finish it then.

A midsummer wander is revealing amazing things…


Get it first on Patreon

Starry Celestial Bliss on Patreon

Coming very soon, Starry Celestial Bliss, an ambient journey across the starry sky. Witness the heavens in their glory. Hold your breath as they disappear behind the clouds, then rest in a state of bliss as they reappear and reflect radiance upon you.

Starry Celestial Bliss will be available to all supporters on Patreon. For those who haven’t signed up, it’s not too late. Become a patron of This Temple Eden and receive your copy of Starry Celestial Bliss to download and keep.

Mixing in the sun… almost

mixing on the laptop with the sun reflection

a little mixing in the sun… well almost

Room of my own now available

A Room of my own is now available to everyone, to listen to and download. Listen to it via the video link above.

It is available to buy on either:

As always if you want to hear the music earlier, and get tracks like the above earlier, please consider supporting This Temple Eden on Patreon.

On the music easel this week…

I seem to have organised myself to such an extent that I actually know what music I am working on before the week begins. You’ll be pleased to know that this little update is written after I have begun, so it’s not just planned music either.

This week’s song to finish is Mermaid. It’s another song that has been around for a little while so it’s time to get a finished version. I’m also working on some short tunes for a project soon to be announced.

Alongside all this I am pulling together a punk track and thinking about what ambient punk might sound like. I think I am pushing myself with some of these musical challenges. If you’d like to support the music making then take a look at my Patreon page. Now back to the music for me.

Spending time with my baby…

… and now my fingers ache.

It’s all gone a little fishy…

… as I have been working on this month’s Patreon music. I have been drowning in mermaids – no better way to go.

Mermaids music on iTunes


A free gift for everyone


An electronic / ambient piece of music for you to download and keep for free. No sign-up, or share needed, just follow the link here.

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